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Karmam Karma Phalam

Action and its Fruits Path breaking and bondage shattering truths which a Maha Yogi reveals the truths which he gained through Grace of Gurus.
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The dynamics of Power- The Book dwells deep into the causes and explains why a Sadhak throw everything and dedicate and sacrifice his life for everpervading, source of
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Sanatana Pratheekangal

( The Eternal Symbols of Sanatana Dharma )   The great Hindu religion is dignified by Symbols and Symbolicism. Great Linga, Pranava, Swasthikam and all Idols a
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Laltha Sahasranamam ( with meaning)

Lalthasahasranamam ( 1008 Mantras in praise of Sri Tripurasundari)  corrected according to Moola Sastras by Acharyan Hari Swamikal.
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Tantra-Mantra-Yantra An enquirer of Hindu Dharma might have felt a mystery behind the word Tantra. Even though he doesn't know the meaning he finds the sound Tantra giving out realization about something.

All religions believe in supernatural powers and have pictured God as a Supernatural Being...
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